What is Remotehelp?

Remote Help 0.0.7 is a tiny webserver that allows control a remote PC with any standar browser and can see, download, upload and delete files, see desktop screenshots , see webcams connected with static frames and AVI videos, see current processes and kill them, see keys pressed, send messages to the user screen, see system information, init a remote cmd.exe session , init any programs, and more! . You don't need admin privileges to run the program and it doesn't need any installation process .

Remotehelp is only one executable file without any config file and is full-featured, even with email activation notification.

Remote Help is free software, with GPL license and, it's recommended download sources from Sourceforge and compile it with your preferences. Downloadable version uses "user" like user and "default" like password, but should change it with others at compiling time.

When programs runs it tries install itself on the registry and detects your IP configuration with a http connection to Domain tools and if it fails tries to detect ip configuration from operative system and send to an email, by default to remotehelp@gmx.com. Finally open a Internet Explorer window with the location Access logging is activated at c:\temp\access.log

To use this program you will need a PC with Microsoft Windows (95,98,ME,2000,XP,Vista) and to click over the executable file. After open your browser ang go to the location and introduce user and password. If the PC is connected to Internet you will can to see the welcome page from any machine in Internet I you know the public IP. If you are in a private network only a machine from this network can to see you.

New in version 0.0.7

- better cookie management
- better keylog management
- reboot and shutdown of PC
- other little changes

FAQ and questions

Remote Help (httpd 0.0.7)